Music Department

NAPA students of music learn from a faculty comprising practising musicians, musicologists and visiting maestros. They also have the opportunity to enrich their repertoire of compositions and styles by tutelage under many teachers. Today NAPA has become the pioneer in setting the foundation of a new method of musical training in Pakistan.


The Music Department offers a three-year diploma course in Music during which students spend nine trimesters on academic as well as practical training. It is our ambition that through a rigorous and demanding training programme students will imbibe a sense of culture so that their creative musical output is channelled towards discovering expressions worthy of our heritage. Students interested in instruments other than those mentioned above can also apply. Admission may be given if the class strength is adequate.

Diploma Course:

The NAPA Music Department offers a 1-year foundation course followed by a 3-year diploma course. Students focus on vocals or an instrument. They are trained in both Eastern and Western theory and practice, and spend 6 semesters in intensive academic as well as practical training.

  • Vocal:
    • Classical
    • Light Classical
    • Ghazal
    • Popular
  • Instrumental (students must select one instrument):
    • Sitar
    • Sarangi
    • Tabla
    • Piano
    • Violin
    • Guitar
    • Flute


  • Eastern Classical Theory
  • Western Classical Theory
  • Practical & Application, Singing
  • Practical & Application, Tabla
  • Practical & Application, Piano
  • Practical & Application, Guitar
  • Pitch Interval
  • Demonstratin & Performance
  • Rythm
  • Rythm Applications
  • Rhythm Advance Applications
  • Voice Training
  • Composition & Orchestration
  • Diction & Accent
  • Stage, Sound & Recording


  • Ustaad Bashir Khan
  • Ustaad Salamat Hussain
  • Yousuf Nisar
  • Philip Shahid
  • Julian Qaiser