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There is no such thing as a born actor, except in the pages of fiction. Acting like any other creative art is so much craft. An actor needs to learn how to breathe, how to move, how to use his voice and how to relax. Read More
The learning of vocal or instrumental music in our part of the world has always been a one-to-one process. In an institutional set-up the extent of exposure available to a student of music is much wider Read More
The primary aim of the NAPA Repertory Theatre is to promote an appreciation for professional theatre in all its manifestations. By staging plays regularly, the company hopes to develop a theatre going habit amongst the cognoscenti and public at large. Read More
The primary aim of the NAPA Alumni Music Ensemble is to promote appreciation of our rich musical heritage. We aim to present all genres of music before a discerning audience. Read More

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Saqib Khan
"NAPA provided just the right amount of fuel which was needed for the dying flame of quest in me"

Bakhtawar Mazhar
"Before NAPA happened I walked and perhaps ran a little but NAPA gave me the wings which took me to the world I cannot live without today"

Owais Mangalwala
"NAPA introduced me to the touch of excellence in professional theatre"