Media Wall

NAPA’s 2020 performances, although limited, received extensive coverage in the media. Here are some highlights from this year that commend the efforts of our actors, directors, and musicians:

Media Reviews

“One could write pages about the absolutely unforgettable and deeply moving performance by Khalid Ahmed, a few touches of genius must be noted.”

NAPA Repertory Theatre’s Exceptional Urdu Production of Shakespeare’s Tragedy, King Lear
by Zarminae Ansari, The News.
January 05, 2020.

“Nigel Bobby impressed the audience with his Impeccable pitch.”

The Romance Conundrum
by Peerzada Salman, Dawn News.
March 13, 2020.

“NAPA’s International Performing Arts Festival will feature artists from Italy, Germany, Bangladesh, Taiwan, England, Sri Lanka & Pakistan.”

Performers from Seven Countries to Grace Pakistan.
by Asfa Sultan, The Express Tribune.
February 27, 2020.