What qualifications do the courses provide?
A diploma for a three-year course in either music or theatre. A certificate will be awarded for short courses.
What are the minimum eligibility criteria to qualify for admission?
Applicants should have an A Level or F.A. certificate from a recognized university. Preference will be given to applicants with some experience in performance. Applicants at least 17 years of age. There is no upper age limit.
When and where are auditions and interviews held?
Auditions and interviews are held on the NAPA campus.
How much do the courses cost?
Please see the Fees page for details. A diploma in music or theatre will cost Rs. 101,000. A short course in music is Rs. 34,000 and a short course in theatre is Rs. 19,000. Once a student is enrolled fees are not refundable, other than in exceptional circumstances.
How many hours a week would I expect to be involved in classes at the school?
On an average, 15-20 hours a week.